Hi, I'm Claire, a mum of two with a creative passion for preserving and restyling furniture. The creative spark in me was first ignited by my Mum, when she taught me how to sew at a very young age.

She's been a major inspiration in my life and, since then, I've turned my hand to a whole host of handmade and upcycling projects.

However, my main passion has always lay in furniture refurbishment. So after a decade as an independent stockist, selling many leading brands of furniture paints and accessories, and offering advice and workshops on upcycling, I now work as a full-time professional furniture artist and educator, from my studio in the Staffordshire countryside.



Since turning my passion for furniture and decor upcycling into a new career path a decade ago, I've indulged my creative spirit in so many ways.

I love collaborating with clients to understand and interpret their ideas and restyle their furniture pieces to better complement their homes, and I indulge my own creative ideas on the pieces I paint for sale. 

But above all, I love sharing the knowledge I've built with many people over the years, inspiring and empowering them to create the change they want to see in their own homes.  I love to encourage and inspire others to pick up a brush and just have a go.

With a rising cost of living and a sense of responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle, there's never been a better time to take what's already there and transform it into something truly unique that you can love all over again.

Let's Get Painting!  Claire x