Learn How To Upcycle, Paint & Restyle Furniture 

Join professional furniture artist Claire in an online experience that will introduce you to the exciting world of furniture upcycling.

This Beginner’s Furniture Painting Masterclass offers everything the beginner needs to know about how to paint and restyle furniture.


Paint Furniture Like A Professional.


Everything the beginner needs to know about how to paint and restyle furniture like a professional.

Learn in complete confidence, in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace with our Furniture Painting Masterclass online course. 

  • Learn with Claire as she shares her 10 years experience as a UK-based professional furniture painter and former paint retail specialist
  • Watch anytime, anywhere with unlimited lifetime access
  • With more than 120 minutes of expert lesson content including videos and tutorial workbooks, taught across five easy-to-follow modules

Claire will take you through each step of the furniture painting journey as you learn how to upcycle, paint and restyle your furniture into something truly unique - now it's your turn!



Relove Your Furniture.

Hello...I'm Claire.

Since turning my passion for furniture and decor upcycling into a new career path a decade ago, I've indulged my creative spirit in so many ways.

But above all, I love sharing the knowledge I've built with others, inspiring and empowering them to create the change they want to see in their own homes.

With a rising cost of living and a sense of responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle, there's never been a better time to take what's already there and transform it into something truly unique that you can love all over again.

Let's Get Painting! Claire x

Is The Beginner's Furniture Painting Masterclass Course Right For You?


If you're completely new to furniture upcycling, or you have dabbled a bit before but feel a bit lost when contemplating a project, then this course is for you. 

  • Claire covers a lot of ground on products and techniques, with helpful explanations, hints and tips, to not only get you off the starting blocks, but also to become a confident painter
  • You'll learn how to prep correctly, select the right paint and brush for the project, how to add durability to your projects and common pitfalls you may encounter, such as 'bleed through'
  • In addition Claire focuses on one of the things she is asked the most - how to the achieve a flawless, smooth finish

If you're already a confident painter, and you're looking to learn additional creative techniques such as painting to create a textured finish, look out for further courses.

What's Included...


Online Videos, Members Community & Email Support

Watch 120 minutes of online lessons with Claire as she walks you through her projects step-by-step.  There's also help and inspiration provided in our members community and email support.

Watch Anytime, Anywhere & Learn At Your Own Pace

You're in complete control and can watch the course at your own pace - whether on your computer, phone or tablet.  There's also a mobile app, which makes watching on the go easy.

Tutorial PDF Workbooks & Useful Resources

Claire details her techniques and materials used during the course in a series of PDF tutorial workbooks, which are the perfect takeaway to recap everything you've learned in the lessons.


Course Trailer


The Beginner's Furniture Painting Masterclass


This Masterclass is a learning resource you can revisit time and time again as you work on projects in your home:

  • Build your understanding of products and techniques
  • Tackle projects with confidence
  • Access ongoing help and advice to build on your knowledge

Unleash your creativity and relove your furniture!


Projects for the masterclass and learn more about Claire, your course instructor.


From cleaning to sanding and priming, you can paint on any surface with the right prep.


From paint choice to brush selection and the best techniques for a flawless finish, start working the magic.                                                                       


Navigate the world of top coats to protect your furniture for the future and avoid the common pitfalls.


It's all in the detail, bring your project to life with the final finishing touches.                                         


Now it's over to you, pick your project and get creating - don't forget help and advice is on hand in our Masterclass Community.

Join Our Furniture Painting Community.


What Our Customers Say

Helen D

"What a great course!  I learnt so much from Claire's Beginner's Furniture Painting Masterclass and cannot wait to paint my own piece.

Claire's passion and in-depth knowledge really came across, I love the handy hints and tips she gives throughout the course.  Claire really takes the time to show you what to do and talks through exactly what she's doing.  Brilliant!"

Maria T

"I always wanted to go to the Paint-A-Piece Workshop day, but it wasn't realistic due to distance and family commitments.  This Masterclass is perfect so I can learn at home, at my own pace - thank you!"

Karen P

"I'm very pleased that I ordered this course, which I'm finding really helpful. Although I've painted furniture before, I wish I'd had this course before I started! Going back to basics and taking more time to absorb the advice that Claire gives is a huge help as I try to develop my skills.

I like being able to pause and rewind if I'm unsure of anything and I enjoy the tone and pace of Claire's delivery."

Creative Together

You can access further help and advice through our Furniture Painters' Community.


Why Paint Furniture?


We are all ever more conscious of the fragility of our world; and that awareness has gone hand in hand with a growing realisation of our own fragility. Mental health is rarely out of the spotlight nowadays as we navigate a world of, often unrealistic, expectations. 

The creative outlet that furniture upcycling offers is a powerful antidote to the stress of modern day life. And at the same time it's enormously beneficial to our environment, saving timeless, well-crafted furniture pieces from landfill and restyling and repurposing them for a new generation.    

For some, this is driven by necessity, to save money rather than buy new. For others it offers a way of keeping sentimental furniture pieces in their homes, in a new style they love. For others, the sheer sense of joy and accomplishment at the change we can create, for very little money, is addictive.

Whatever your why is, rest assured the positives are endless...

Get Started Today!

Learn how to upcycle, paint and restyle furniture with Claire.  Everything that you need to get started.




  • One-off payment, no monthly fees
  • 120 minutes of expert video content
  • 5 modules and 11 lessons
  • 13 tutorial workbook PDF guides
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Membership to the Furniture Painters Masterclass community
  • Watch anytime on your computer, TV, mobile phone or tablet
  • Dedicated mobile app for seamless watching on the go
  • Email support


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